Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Workshop-Making Cards from Recycled Materials

The table full of supplies


Workshop participants

Yesterday, a wonderful supportive daughter and friend participated in my "practice workshop".  It looks like they were having fun.  During this workshop, crafters learned to make cards from recycled materials using a variety of techniques including rolled paper beads, woven paper strips, collage and origami.  We used recycled magazines,  book pages,  newspapers and blank cards.  We also used paper punches and magic markers.  Above are some of the tags we made.  Below are some more cards:

Collage card
Tube bead & paper punch card

Going through this practice workshop helped me time the activities and make a thorough list of supplies.  I am sure this "practice" will be invaluable in making the workshop in November a total success.  Besides the types of cards pictured above, we made a lattice card.  This card is made from strips of recycled paper, the more varieties the better!  To make a lattice card,  just follow the directions below.  You will be using a frame card, made to display photos

 1.  Put two pieces of ½” double faced tape on each end of a blank card that can be inserted in the frame.   Lay ½” strips across the insert card spanning the two pieces of tape.   Position the first strip in the center of the card.  Then put 3 strips on each side leaving almost 1/4” on each edge.  Butt strips next to each other.  You will use about 7 strips.  This forms the framework for weaving.  Trim when done.

2. Now weave the other strips through the framework, going over/under every other frame work strip.  Space strips evenly across the card. You will use about 9 strips.  I used white strips here, so you could see the process.

3. When you get the strips placed the way you like them use a dab of glue to hold each end in place.  Trim ends.

4. Once it is dry, slide insert card with paper weaving in the pocket, so it shows in the frame.  Now decorate front of card as desired or write a greeting.

Try making a few of these cards, every card comes out differently!  

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Talk to you all soon,


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunday in the Park

Wanderlust Yoga @ Pier 63, NYC
Anne & Tori @ Wanderlust
Tori's Triangle

Hi to all,

You can see Tori and I spent last Sunday at Wanderlust NYC.  We practiced yoga with about 2000 other yogis in Hudson Park.  What a wonderful event!  Lots of yoga, music, incredible demonstrations and sunshine.  It was all for the benefit of Yoga Aid which supports the charity of your choice.The perfect day to spend in the park.  We had a great afternoon, followed by a dynamite dinner at Le Grainne Cafe in NYC.  Great little French cafe!  Try it if you are ever in Chelsea.

Last week I showed you a new tube bead idea.  Well this week I strung those beads into two bracelets.  They would look great worn together or separately.  They each have a different pattern and I did mix the colors up a bit.  Amazingly, all of the beads for both bracelets, plus 18 more, were made from one piece of great color "junk mail".  If you see any piece of paper with great colors, colors that speak to you, just grab it.   Believe me you will use it.  Above are the two new bracelets, hope you like them.  I'll have them posted on my Etsy site soon.  Let me know what you think.

Last, mark your calendars for Saturday, October 27th for the Croton Fall Arts Market.  Get a jump start on Holiday shopping! I know some of you readers even live in Croton, I'd love to see you.

Check out my Etsy site--annemadethis.  And thanks for all of your support.

Bye, talk to all of you soon,


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day

Hi everyone,

OK I am a few days late, but happy Labor Day to all!  

Labor Day marks the end of summer and the start of the new school year.   The holiday celebrates the contributions of the American worker, it is on the first Monday of September.  It is one of the few holidays that does not have a religious tradition, even the first Labor day was celebrated with parades and picnic and fun!  For over 100 years we have continued marking the Day with parades, barbecues, picnics and now a 3-day weekend of sales!  Hope you all enjoyed the holiday!

Striped Tube Beads

These beads are yet another variation of the tube bead.  I think they will look great  as a bracelet in either a stripe or checkerboard pattern.  Nice fall colors, right?  I'll make a few bracelets from these beads and post them on my Etsy site.   Later I will post a tutorial for making these beads.

And finally, with the help of my most trusted advisers, I am trying to develop more "shopper friendly" displays for my bracelets.  Bracelets in my original display are difficult for potential customers to handle or try on.  With this new three-tier display, the bracelets are lying in a bed of dried beads.  Now they are easy to pick up and try on.  What do you think?  I'll try it out at my next craft fair this fall.

Three-tiered Bracelet Display

Well that's it for tonight, talk to you all soon.  Check out my Etsy site and let me know what you think.  My next craft fair will be the Croton Fall Arts Fair on October 27th.