Monday, May 28, 2012

Work in Progress

Jane Eyre Necklace
Hi to all,

Hope this post finds every one happy and healthy on this Memorial Holiday.  While you are enjoying family cook outs, thank a soldier and remember all they have done for us.

Above is a preview of my Jane Eyre necklace.  I crafted the disks for the necklace from the pages of a reproduction copy of Jane Eyre destined for the trash. The cover was used to by one of my Etsy friends to fashion a pocketbook.  Always, reduce, reuse and recycle!! 

The disks in this necklace are strung with vintage beads from my mother's jewelry box (also destined for the trash) on a silver chain, ribbon and a faux suede cord.  The necklace, along with matching bracelet and earrings will be available in my Etsy shop next week. 

Beach Art Beads Bracelet-Pink I
Beach Art Beads Bracelet-Blue I

Following up from my last post, the Beach Art Bead bracelets are available now.  Just click on the links and you will see more photos.  Didn't they come out lovely, just like a sunny beach!  The bracelets were picked as favorites in Etsy in less than ten minutes of posting them.  They will look great with your summer tan. The beach art beads are strung with crystals, cracked glass and faux pearls.  Read more about them at my shop.  And there are special discounts when you buy two. Check my shop, annemadethis on Etsy.

My Jane Eyre necklace and  Beach Art Beads can be seen at the Phelps Memorial Craft Fair on June 9th in Sleepy Hollow.  There will be lots going on for everyone, so I hope to see you there.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rain or Shine!
10 am - 4 pm
The James House Mansion
on the grounds of
Phelps Memorial Hospital Center
701 No. Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY
free admission free parking
Music Prizes Refreshments for Sale
Silent Auction James House Tours


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flowers, Mother's Day and New Ideas

There is always flowers for those who want to see them.
Mother's Day Flower from Max & Tori
Hi to all,
I have only attended three craft fair/workshops so far, but I feel like I have some handy advice to pass on to anyone who is just starting out.  I have gotten into the habit of writing notes about the events as soon as I get home.  Yes, I know you are exhausted, so am I, but I may forget by the next day.  I record all sorts of information about the event including vendor table costs, sales, expenses (including those free giveaways); and any customer comments or suggestions.  I like to write down what went well, customers loved the Square; and what didn't go so well.  And last, what do I have to replenish before my next fair and what can I change to make it better. Recording this information makes the next event easy to prepare for and it will be a reminder to me next year when deciding which events to sign up for.

Teapot Wind Chime by Amelia Ariella 

Well...what about this teapot pouring a stream of sparkling beads.  The beads glisten in the sunshine and they jingle like bells as the breeze ruffles through them.  They are fabulous hanging on the porch in the summer or in an open window. The pot was designed by my sister Amelia Ariella Levine, she also has a shop on Etsy.  The wind chime pots are made to order only. You can reach Amelia by convo at her Sunfire Gallery on Etsy, just follow the link.  Sorry the photo doesn't do it justice!

Here are a couple of new ideas I have been working on this week.  I am getting ready for summer and these are my beach series art beads.  These beads are crafted with many layers of cardboard, glue, tissue, various papers, fibers, glitter and gloss.  I have designed them in two colorways to reflect the colors of beach sand and the foamy waves as they come to shore.  I have shown them with some beads I will string them with. What do you think?  This week they will be made into bracelets and posted on my Etsy site annemadethis, so please take a look.   Also I opened my Etsy site for international orders and credit card payments.  Hope to see you this week at my Etsy shop!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Paper Bead Workshop

An eighth grade assistant at the Middle School Earth Day Fair

Hi everyone,
The local Middle School Earth Day Fair was held last week.  What fun!  There were many exhibits and displays and I am sure all of us learned a lot about recycling and reusing.

I set part of my table up with paper bead bracelets, earrings and book marks for sale.  The other part was set up for the paper bead workshop.  I also prepared some posters about the history of paper beads and some different ways of making them. As before. I offered a raffle for a Vintage Atlas Bracelet Kit.

The objective was not only to teach the middle schoolers how to make the beads, but also to see that something beautiful out of trash.  The school assigned me three eighth grade assistants to help me teach the other students how to make the beads.  They were fabulous.

  I had pre-cut cardboard and paper triangles for making the beads.  I brought lots of glue, tooth picks, brushes and other supplies for the kids.  Each one made about two beads, then let the glue dry for about ten minutes.  We used styrofoam egg cartons as drying racks.  We skipped the glazing step, their simply wasn't enough drying time.  The next step was to string the beads on a 12" piece of hemp.  We added a couple of large seed beads and then tied it on their wrists.  A very chic bracelet they were all proud of.

So what did I take away from all of this.  You really have to be super prepared for a workshop, especially with children.  Think about everything that can go wrong, it will.  Be sure to bring paper towels and baby wipes.  I would also recommend an adult helper. 

My sisters, niece and I  at Shipley's Choice 5K Walk/Run

So on to a totally different subject.  Here I am with my sisters and my niece getting ready to run or in my case walk my first 5K.  When you are running or even walking; 5k seems like a pretty long way!  I came in third....from the last!  We all had tons of fun, kudos for all of us for trying.  After the run, my mom had a beautiful brunch all ready for us.  A great Sunday!

Please check my etsy site; I am always adding new things.

Until next time,