Monday, April 30, 2012

Croton Spring Arts Fair

Setting up my table for the Croton Spring Arts Fair yesterday
Hi everyone,

Here I am setting up the table for my second craft fair!  It was yesterday in a Croton-on-Hudson park.  What a beautiful setting and a beautiful day for a fair. One note to all of you who are are new (like me) to the craft fair circuit, be sure to have wind proof set-ups.  Displays and even tents went flying in yesterday's wind.

And just like they say, each time you set up your table or booth it does seem to get easier.  I think you are more organized and a lot more confident that it will all work out.   Of course the best part of the fair is meeting other crafters and several "etsyites" too.  I even reconnected with a jewelry maker from the fair I attended last weekend.

Another fun part was the giveaway contest I had.  I ran a drawing with a simple entry blank and picked one name to receive one of my bracelet kits.  It is a good talking point when people come to your table and just filling out the entry slip gives them a chance to spend some time with you and look at what you have. Not to mention, the contact list you build!

For this fair, I made a few more bracelet kits including one Tropical Pink Bracelet Kit, which I just listed on my Etsy site.  Also I crafted some black beads and combined them with beads made from the pages of my French grammar book from many years ago.  I think this bracelet has a completely different look made this way.  It is listed as Vintage French Language Book Bracelet.

Paper Bead Bracelet Kit-Tropical Pink
Vintage French Language Book Bracelet

These items and every thing on my Etsy site is available with FREE SHIPPING until Mother's Day.  So take advantage of the offer.

Later this week, I will be participating in an Earth Day Fair for the local school.  I will be leading a workshop for middle school students, teaching them how to make paper beads.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it!

Talk to you all soon,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My First Craft Fair

Tori and me at the John Paulding School Fund Raiser

Hi to all,

Yesterday was my first craft fair.  It was so much fun.  What an experience to actually talk to your buyers.  They can give you a lot of new ideas.  But I was exhausted when it was finished.

I have a few pointers for anyone doing their first show.  First remember the duct tape and scissors, there are a million things duct tape can fix!  And be sure to bring plenty of water.  If you have wonderful friends like I do, bring them along too.  Having an extra set of hands is invaluable. Try to walk around the show, I saw some great displays and even met some fellow Etsy shop owners.

Next week, Sunday April 29, I will be at the Croton Spring Market.   Read all about it at this link.

And finally the update on the guest room makeover.  Take a look.

I think we all like it; it was a lot of hard work, but worth it.  There are still a few finishing touches to be done.   It's a real comfy guest room now! 

And finally, remember Mother's Day!

Take a look at my Etsy shop, free shipping until Mother's Day

See you soon,

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Darkest Before the Dawn!

Hi everyone,

Here's a quick look at the progress we've made on the new guest room!

What a mess! It always looks the worst, just before it is finished.  You can see the new lamp and the new bedside table in the background.  Only a week left to go!  I'll keep you posted.

The tutorial on making Paper Beads has been missing for about a month, it was originally written on January 9th.  Well, I have rewritten it, so everyone can get a first hand look at how I make paper beads.  If you try it, let me know how the directions go; if they need any revisions.


Starting tomorrow morning I will be running a Mother's Day Special on my Etsy site.  I will be giving free shipping to any items purchased before Mother's Day, May 13th.  Just use coupon code FREESHIP when you check out.  Here are some Mother's Day ideas:

Tropical Pink Paper Bead Bracelet
Pretty in Pink Paper Bead Bookmark

Also I will be posting some new items--PaperBead Bracelets made with chains.  I am sure you will like them.  Go to my Etsy Shop and see what you think.

It is going to be 80 degrees in NY--so everyone enjoy the day.  Get out there and take a walk!!

Thanks for reading and see you soon.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter Egg Soap from ajsweetsoap, an Etsy shop

Hi everyone,

Happy Easter or Passover to all.  We are all celebrating the spring and the rebirth of  everything around us.   A celebration that has been going on for thousands of years. 

The word Easter was most likely derived from the ancient Anglo-Saxon  lunar goddess Eoster.  Her two symbols were the egg and the hare, both representing fertility and new life , both have been incorporated in our modern day Easter celebrations. 

The Easter egg has long been a symbol of this season, way before it was known as an "Easter egg".   Ancient Egyptians, Phonecians, Persians and Hindu all believed the world began as an egg.  An egg from which all life sprung.  They all painted eggs during their spring equinox festivals to represent the rebirth of the world from the long dead winter.

Early Eastern Europeans used a wax batiking process to decorate their eggs; a process that is still used today.  Faberge took egg decoration to a new level when he designed a gold and jewel encrusted egg for Czar Alexander III to give his wife on Easter Sunday in 1855.  It was such a success that he crafted eggs for the Czar's wife each Easter.

Today there are lots of egg shaped goodies for us to enjoy, chocolate eggs, marshmallow eggs and jelly beans!  Yum!

The hare or the rabbit was Eoster's other symbol.  Rabbits and the Easter bunny have long been associated with this season.  The German's were the first to write about the Easter bunny in the 1500's.  They brought the bunnies tradition with them to America in the 1700's.  The chocolate bunny was born in Pennsylvania Dutch country soon after! Today, we still see store shelves stocked with giant chocolate bunnies.

So what ever your holiday, enjoy it and realize you are participating in the ancient tradition.  Celebrate the spring and the rebirth of the earth!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Craft Fair Displays

Hi everyone,

I've been working very hard on designing and making the displays for my up coming craft fairs.  I have decided to put most of my signage in frames; I think it looks more professional and is sturdier against the wind.  Here is a look at what I have so far:

I also ordered a 6' banner to hang above my shop.  The banner will look just like my annemadethis business cards. The guys at Vista print were so very helpful in getting the banner made.  Be sure to check them out for any business printing needs.  I might add some balloons to give the booth some height.  I want it to be attractive, colorful and fun.

I know there are lots of you out there who know a whole lot more about this than I do, so do please weigh in.  .Send me any suggestions you have. I watch an Etsy webinar craft fair ideas last Friday, any one see it.  Some of those were a little elaborate and advanced for me.

Simultaneously with designing displays,I am trying to craft as much inventory as I can.  Below are a couple of new bookmark designs.  You are seeing them first.  They are not even in my Etsy shop yet.

And I am sure all of you are anxiously awaiting an update on the room.   My parents can strip a room down to the walls and rebuilt it with new closets and window treatments in less than a week; that includes wallpaper!  I guess that's not me or my daughter.  She delivered three very heavy boxes from Ikea last Friday, so far one has been assembled into a bookcase.  Another is half of a bedside table.  I am assembling new furniture as I am disassembling her old furniture; the room is truly a mess.  There won't be a picture of that.  The room has to be a bonafide guest room by April 23rd, when my sisters and my mom will be visiting.  Nothing like a time crunch.

Please check out my shop and we will talk soon!