Sunday, June 24, 2012

Endless Inspiration

Hi to all,

I really don't have a lot to say today, but I do have pictures of the pieces I worked on this week, all inspired by vintage buttons, pins and charms we sorted through a few weekends ago.  This box of buttons will be an endless source of creative energy!

Ode to a Gardener

Ode to a Gardener is the first piece that was crafted the from those  buttons.   I absolutely love it!  The bracelet is made of vintage buttons, pins and some beads from my stash, even a paper bead.  It is a custom order and will not be posted for sale.  In fact it is a gift, so if you know who it is for, don't say anything!  It is supposed to be a surprise.  Already, I have another bracelet fashioned from vintage buttons, crystals and earrings laid out on my studio work table. It is a real dazzler, all pearls, gold and rhinestones.  Take a look on my Etsy site during the week, it will be posted soon.

Chunky Blue Paper Bead Necklace
Above is another one of my creations, inspired by collection of vintage buttons.  I made this necklace from some giant paper beads, crafted from a box that contained trash bags.  Aren't the colors great.  I strung these paper beads with large acrylic beads, wooden beads and some of my vintage buttons using a technique that summer campers use with lanyard.  The necklace is a great statement  piece.  If you want stringing directions just let me know.  The necklace is posted on my Etsy site, please take a closer look, let me know what you think.

This week I met with a Nature Center and visited their gift shop We discussed workshops, a possible holiday fair for local "green" artists and displaying my pieces for placement in their shop. Here is a necklace made with my vintage buttons and paper beads rolled from their Wild Life Encyclopedia destined for the trash.  I made this necklace specifically for the Nature Center gift shop.

Vintage papers
 Finally, I am now offering  some the same vintage papers I use for my beads, these papers are posted on my Etsy site.  They are original pages from an old atlas,  a wild life encyclopedia, my forty year old French grammar books and some pages from the reproduction copy of Jane Eyre I used for the Jane Eyre collection pieces.  There is more information about the vintage papers on my Etsy site, just follow the link.  You can  use the paper for many different projects including, paper beads, scrapbooking, collage, card making etc. And consider that all of these book have been rescued from the trash, using these pages is all part of my recycling and reusing philosophy.

Check it out.

Talk to you soon,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Button Fest!

Buttons and pins and beads, oh my!
Hi to all,

Last Sunday I spent the day with family celebrating my nephew's new wife Kat and their baby Addison.  But if the the truth be told, my sisters and I spent the majority of the day and the evening sorting through thousands and thousands of old buttons, pins and miscellaneous junk.  Buttons etc. from my mother's stash, her mother's stash and my sister's mother-in-law's button jar.  All the buttons were old, vintage, beautiful colors and designs.  I'll use these to make great chunky jewelry pieces.  What an inspiration for a recycle and reuse junky like myself.

This week I am trying to get my Etsy shop updated, assuring all of my new pieces are online.  I will finally get the rest of the Jane Eyre collection up and I have quite a few new bookmarks too.  They make great gifts especially paired with a favorite book.  So please take a look, see if there is anything you like.  Also I am putting together a few paper bead workshops for the fall.  I will keep you posted about that.

And a final word about last week's Craft Fair.  I think it was one of the best organized I have been in this year.  The hospital volunteers worked very hard.  Best part, there were volunteers to unload your car and place all of your things in your assigned spot.  Yea, that was wonderful!  I was located on the James Mansion House veranda, overlooking the Hudson River.  What a beautiful view.  Probably the hardest part of the fair was parting with a recently created charm bracelet and earrings from my Jane Eyre collection.  But I am glad I sold it and clearly some one else loves it too.

Talk to you soon,


Friday, June 8, 2012

Phelps Hospital Craft Fair Tomorrow

Chunky new necklace
Hi to all,

Just a quick reminder for those of you in the Hudson Valley, NY area--the Phelps Memorial Hospital Craft Fair is on for tomorrow!  The chunky new necklace will be one of the items I will be featuring.

Here are pictures of my new displays, the Beach Art Beads and I'll have tons of new earrings! Also all of the new Jane Eyre collection will be there.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rain or Shine!
10 am - 4 pm
The James House Mansion
on the grounds of
Phelps Memorial Hospital Center
701 No. Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY
free admission free parking
Music PrizesRefreshments for Sale
Silent Auction James House Tours

My table space will be on the veranda, hope to see you all there.  I'll  have a bead kit giveaway for tomorrow

Still have lots of work to do, so this is short.  Talk to you soon.