Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Glorious Saturday

Hi to all,
Anne and Tori

What a glorious Saturday for the Jazz and Craft Fair. It was wonderful and would have been totally impossible without the help of my daughter Tori and my sister Kaye Lynn. There were over 2000 participants listening to live music, dancing, browsings the crafts and eating! By the way, our new canopy worked prety well, only one snafu we have to check out.
Anne and Tori setting up
Tori and Kaye Lynn
Later on, we are tired!!
 Now I'd like to give a shout out to one of my fellow Etsy artists--Emmy Williams.  She believes in recycling and reusing to create her art.  Emmy makes her pieces from recycled paper, plastic, glass,and metal  You can check it all out at her shop on the Etsy site Emmysgreenthings.

And finally my new item of the week.  I have reworked my memory wire bracelets to include paper beads and wrap around your wrist six times. The bracelet forms a cuff about 2".

Please check the bracelet out my Etsy site this week. 

Talk to everyone soon,


Monday, July 16, 2012

Tubular Paper Bead Tutorial

Jane Eyre Bracelet
Nature Book Bracelet
Chinese Menu Bracelet

Hi to all,

Above are some examples of tubular paper beads I have made into bracelets.  One reason I like the tube bead is that it really shows off the materials it was made from.  You can actually see Chinese menu items or the text from Jane Eyre.  Today I would like to go through a step by step process in making a tubular paper bead.  It is really quite easy, once you practice two or three times.

1. To start off you need a skewer, tacky glue, a soft brush and strips of medium weight paper, cut 3/4" X 6".  Here I am using a page from my vintage atlas. To make a bracelet like the ones shown above, you should roll about 32 beads, so start with 35 strips, just in case.

2. To start rolling, place the strip under the skewer as shown.  Tuck ends around and start to roll.  Keep strip snug and both ends even.  If it unrolls, just start again, this has happened many times to me.

3.  Roll to about an inch from the end.

4. Using the soft brush, spread tacky glue on the inch long tail.

5. Finish rolling the bead, holding tail down until glue dries.  Then gently slide bead off skewer, keeping edges even.  See photo below.


6. I place the finished bead on two toothpicks and stick it into an egg carton to dry.  That should take only a few minutes.

7.  The last step, coat the bead twice with an ultra-thick gloss.  Let it dry thoroughly between coats..  And now you have a bunch of tubular beads ready for crafting. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and special thanks to my beautiful hand model, Tori!

Looking forward to meeting everyone this Saturday, July 21st at the
Peekskill Jazz and Craft Fair
For Festival details, visit

Happy crafting.  Please check out my etsy shop.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Peekskill Craft Fair Coming Soon

Stretch Bracelet made from
 nature book pages
Chunky Bracelet made from Nature Book
beads, vintage buttons and glass beads
Both of these items will be brand new at the Peekskill Fair, come take a look. Nice fall colors!

Peekskill’s 6th Annual Jazz & Blues Festival
Saturday, July 21, 2012 1pm-10pm
 free outdoor concert and fair that will be held in historic Downtown Peekskill, at the intersection of Central Avenue and North Division Street. 

 Craft Alley, (1pm – dusk) featuring a variety of finely crafted handmade goods by local artisans, for sale.

  Jazz & Blues Brunch  (1 – 4pm) the best local music at restaurants and cafes around town.
  Food Court: samplings of area foods, art & family events, Peekskill Farmers Market and  more!     
  Main stage starts at 4pm:
      Masters of Latin Jazz, Multi-Grammy® nominated Bobby Sanabria & AscensiĆ³n 
      Marc Cary Focus Trio
      Lakecia Benjamin & Soul Squad
      Nation Beat

 The Annual Peekskill Jazz & Blues Festival attracts thousands of people from across the tri-state area, and has become one of Westchester's premiere summer musical and creative events. Visitors are encouraged to come early and stay late!
 One Hour From NYC on Metro North + Free Peekskill Trolley Making Regular Loops Direct To  Festival!
For Festival details, visit

Here's my booth, it's bright yellow and you can't miss it.  My sister Kaye and my daughter Tori will be there with me!  So stop by, see my new stuff and see my new tent.

Remember if you see something you like but would like a color change or a metal change; let's talk.  Although my pieces are one of a kind, their are many items that can be custom made for you.

See you soon,

Sunday, July 1, 2012

More Vintage Buttons and Jewelry

Hi to all,

I just know there will be tons of creations inspired by all of the buttons and jewelry pieces in the jar I started a few weeks ago. And my collection grows steadily as others clean out their jewelry boxes. This week my mother-in-law added some very unusual vintage jewelry to my collection. I can not believe the earrings we wore in the 80's; really, what were we thinking? Do any of you remember?  Above are just a few examples of what we found in her jewelry box.

Teal Blue Vintage Button Bracelet
Here are a few pieces I created this week from the contents of the "jar".   First, the bracelet above was inspired by sorting the buttons for the button jar.  After we sorted all of the buttons by color group, these beautiful colors cried out to be made into a really full, jingling "charm bracelet".  One unusual large flower button anchors the bracelet slightly off center. It feels great; it looks great and it even sounds great with its gently clicking sound when it moves.  I just listed the bracelet on my Etsy site tonight.  You can see more photos of it there.

Chunky Paper Bead Necklace with Vintage Earrings
And this piece was crafted from my sister-in-law's earrings.  Wow! Right, those acylic yellow wedges were really earrings.  I think they look great strung with chunky paper beads, acrylic beads and wooden beads on a rubber cord.  And the earrings add a little unusual character that makes this a real statement piece.  The necklace will be listed on Etsy next week, please check for it.

And last, I will be at the Peekskill Jazz & Blues Festival on Saturday, July 21st. The crafts and food start about noon and the music is later.  It looks like the festival will take up several blocks of downtown Peekskill and parking is free.  And it will be the debut of my craft fair tent!

Thanks, I'll talk to you soon,