Thursday, April 25, 2013

Earth Day

Hi to all,

Well Earth Day has come and gone.  Has it become less important?  Did you miss all of the celebrations? Take a look at this interesting article.  Has Earth Day Lost it's Appeal? 

As for me, now every day is Earth Day.  I participated in the first Earth Day on my college campus many years ago; this year I did not do anything special.  But now I make every day Earth Day by planning car trips to be most efficient and recycling all of my discards.  I think about preserving the earth everyday.  And I have established annemadethis on the principle that we can make beautiful things from stuff others discard.   Here are some examples, things all made from recycled materials, mostly magazines, carboard and newspapers!  Take a look at my Etsy shop for more examples.
Paper Bead Bracelet


Paper Bead Necklace

Also there are tutorials in earlier posts in this blog for you DIY crafters to make all of these things.

These are a few of my favorite pieces made by my friends on Etsy.  Enjoy!!

Mauve Starburst
Lapis Pendant

Remember recycle and please visit my shop.

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