Thursday, May 23, 2013

Works in Process

Hi to all,

Here's a glimpse at my most recent garage sale finds.  Great, right?  The earrings will be wonderfully in a black and gold bracelet I'm working on.  And I love those big black beads, haven't really decided what to do with them yet.

As promised last week. I was going to give you some of my steps in creating a new necklace from an old broken on.  Here's the old necklace:

Step 1: Disassemble the necklace.  Take apart the beads and carefully remove the metal charms.

Step 2:  Using head pins, string the beads along with seed beads creating "new" charms for your necklace.

Step 3: I used an old recycled chain as the base for my new necklace.  See below.

Step 4: Take the metal pieces and arrange them between the head pin charms, going for an effect of fullness. Attach the metal pieces with gold jump rings.

Step 5:  I wanted to make the necklace still fuller, so I decided to add some paper beads.  I am making them a variety of sizes.  Once they are done I will put them on head pins with other beads and attach them to the necklace also.  Beads are below, drying!

Stay tuned....Next week, hopefully, the necklace will be finished.

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See you next week,


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