Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Preview


When I left you two weeks ago, we were remaking an old necklace to a new statement piece.  I've completed a few more steps, but it still is not finished!  Here are the next several steps in completing the new necklace.

A new chain with the charms & medallions from the old

Moving on to the next step.  I made about 50 paper beads, various colors, and glazed them   There is a tutorial for making the beads on my blog.
Paper beads on head pins with other small beads

Paper beads with three coats of glaze
Next I took the paper beads with other small beads and seed beads and put them on 2"gold head pins.  Once you have the head pins arranged the way you like them, make a loop at the end of each pin.  These will make additional charms to put on our necklace, filling it out and adding fullness.  I made about 40 paper bead charms to add to my necklace.  This is what the my completed head pins look like this.

By next week, hopefully, I'll have all of the paper bead charms attached to the necklace.  The new necklace should be a statement piece!

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  1. Anne! This is gorgeous! I cant wIt to see the finished product!